Hello! You probably think my name is Olu, but it’s Timehin.

So yeah, hi. I’m Timehin, and this newsletter means that for the first time in my life, I will be talking directly and exclusively to a digital audience that I have cultivated on purpose.

You probably know me from my writing at The Correspondent, my TED talk, or my lengthy Twitter threads. If you don’t know me, welcome. I’m a queer feminist writer, thinker and mother who loves to dance almost as much as I love to ruminate on the politics of power.

I’m starting this newsletter because my 18 months of writing for The Correspondent gave me an appetite for communicating at length with people who want to engage meaningfully with my ideas. Those 18 months are now at an end, but my writing career is not.

With this newsletter, I will write about power and freedom to you, with you and for you. I look forward to hearing from you about your points of agreement and disagreement. Mostly, I look forward to being in community with people who believe in the non-negotiable humanity of every person on this earth, and who are committed to doing the work to ensure the safety, rights and access to resources of even the most marginalised among us.

Thank you for signing up to hear from me. See you in 2021!